Comfort & Innovation Are Top Priority For Medical Fit Outs
Medical Fit Out Trends

If you are a healthcare provider, it’s a good idea to keep your fit out fresh, contemporary, and, most importantly, welcoming for your patients and staff. Attending a medical appointment can be a daunting process for many people, so making it as comfortable as possible should be a top priority when designing your fit out.

We’ve compiled some leading trends you can implement into your next medical fit out to help attract and retain patients and clients, and keep you ahead of your competitors.

1. Make the environment homey

The Danish lifestyle is centred around happiness, and this flows through every aspect of their life, including their workplaces and service destinations. Central to this philosophy is the word “Hygge” pronounced hoo-gah, which translates to cosiness and homey that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being

Visiting your medical practitioner is already an uncomforting experience, so avoiding dark, cold, and clinical surroundings should be the first step towards making the space more inviting. You want to design a clinic that provides a comfortable environment in the reception, waiting areas, and consultation rooms, while surgical rooms should also adopt a lighter mood while remaining sterile for hygiene and compliance practice.

This can include selecting the right furniture, décor, warm lighting, artwork, plants, and natural light. Ensuring that the décor and furniture can be easily sanitized, comfortable, and easy to egress within the medical profession is vital; however, this doesn’t mean it needs to be bland and generic tones. Opting for brighter and warmer colors and textures for your furnishing and décor is an easy adaptation that brings life into a space.

2. Not your everyday office fit out

Medical fit outs are unlike your usual office commercial fit outs. They require medical-grade facilities, industry-standard equipment, strict hygiene standards, and compliance practice.

One essential principle within a medical practitioner is the consideration of privacy. The acoustics within the clinic need to be carefully considered ensuring the walls are soundproof and resilient. Ordinary office fit outs may not require the same level of sound attenuation as a medical practice; therefore, understanding clients’ different needs is essential. Ensuring the space’s layout and functionality is critical and works for the consultants, staff, and patients. The goal is to create a comfortable and compliant space tailored to the needs of the clients.

3. Updated and Innovative technology

Technology can transform the accessibility and usability of your service for patients. This means more efficient registrations, simplified database updates, and better accessibility for all cultures and ages. Forget about paper sign up forms and tedious systems, embracing a paperless world can simplify the process and create a seamless approach that benefits both the business and patients.

Smartboards are becoming more prominent within consult rooms, giving patients more visual detail allowing practitioners to educate their patients through an encouraging, inclusive, and more hygienic approach. Smart tablets are also more hygienic to operate and useful for entertaining children instead of the classic books and toys, keeping the waiting room safe, sanitized, and efficient.

With these tips in mind when you’re executing your next medical fit out, it’s important to understand the space’s needs and functionality for all stakeholders, staff members, and patients. Creating a modern, warm, and welcoming space will attract new patients and retain current patients.

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