Improving Productivity and Profitability in the workplace
Fact: The way people work has changed significantly in the last few decades, while most workplaces haven’t.

Whilst the Baby Boomers are retiring, they are being replaced by a new wave of Millennial’s entering the workforce and they have very different needs and expectations.

Industry research shows up to 70% of Australian employees are not engaged at work (Gallop Report). This can result in increased amounts of sick leave being used by unsatisfied workers, leading to decreased productivity, eventually affecting the business bottom line.

Conversely, a recent study found high-performing workplaces, with satisfied employees
• are up to 12% more productive
• are up to 25% more innovative at creating and producing new products and services
• are up to 23% better at retaining employees
Resulting in increased business performance and profitability.

How do you build a high-performing workplace? We believe it all starts with workplace design.

Organisations can no longer design workspaces that don’t support changing work behaviour, or simply follow set trends that may or may not work for their own business. If workplaces are designed to encourage desired behaviours, then employees will reciprocate, creating an overall benefit for both parties.

Employers are now having to compete to attract and retain top employees, while also optimizing real estate efficiencies, increased capital investment and reducing long-term costs.

For us, the first step in any new workplace design, or rebuild, should be Workplace Strategy to define what works best for the business, as well as the employees.

Workplace Strategy will help determine the behaviour of an organisational and cultural goals, and from there an appropriate design can be created. Based on the DLR Group research, when an office design supports changing work behavior, this leads to higher employee satisfaction rates which in turn, leads to company loyalty, increased productivity and performance, as well as reducing absenteeism, which has a direct impact on reducing the business bottom line.

We understand that every company is unique. Here at Concept we will work with you and your team to run workplace visioning and strategy sessions to identify what works, and what doesn’t, for you, your team and your organisation. We can then design accordingly, creating a functional and productive workplace.


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