The Air Up There: Mezzanine Offices
So you’re short on floor space? It’s time to look UP!

Planning on moving to a new building or office with a high ceiling? Have you considered building a mezzanine on top to create more space? Or, if you’re currently in a building that you’re outgrowing, and you think the only option is to relocate, think again! You could potentially convert the air space in your existing building into a mezzanine office. Now that’s what we call blue-sky thinking.
Often the mezzanine option can be overlooked as it can be seen as expensive, however, they create an opportunity to maximise your existing space provided your building has enough height.

Installing a mezzanine floor, versus relocating your business can be cost-effective, less time consuming and as it saves you the time and hassle of looking for a new workspace.

What are our Top 3 benefits of adding a mezzanine to your office building?

1) Maximise Space

When the floor is at full capacity, your next move is to utilise the air above you. What can you put on a mezzanine floor? The options are endless from meeting rooms to kitchens, storage or offices. Alternatively, you could move a whole department or team to the new workspace, or create a flexible working environment. Additional space allows for room to collaborate, or for team members to work more closely together, building a better culture for the business.

2) Flexible Work Environment

Because mezzanines are not built on existing infrastructure, they can be situated in any area of your choice, and when the time comes to eventually move offices, mezzanines can be dismantled easily and reinstalled in your new space. They are the ultimate flexible work environment.

3) Cost-effective

For any business considering a fit out, a cost-effective solution is important, as is minimal disturbance to the business to ensure productivity is not lost. Moving offices can become time-consuming and costly, as well as cause undue stress and uncertainty for staff. When moving you need to look for a new space, consult with designers, find a construction team or a design and build company, pack everything and then move once complete. A mezzanine can be completed in stages, causing little disruption and then it’s business as usual once completed.

Overall, a mezzanine floor can be a great investment. If you have maxed out your floor space, and have air space readily available, get in touch with our team to discuss the possibility of a mezzanine in your office.

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