The Future of the Workplace, is Wellness.
The Future of the Workplace, is Wellness.

Reflecting on the past two years, there is no doubt the experiences of 2020 and 2021 have changed how we live and work.  We believe this decade will focus on creating hybrid work environments that enhance your business and employees’ overall life experience.

Rather than being locations we commute to every day; our workplaces will be important destinations. We’re likely to see a combination of home and office working continue into this decade. Leading work environments will reflect this hybrid model creating specific spaces to support the various modes of working and technology and acoustic requirements to best support your business and employee needs.

Therefore, workspaces that reflect this unique new lifestyle will be what foster a connected workforce. With offices being designed to support a majority of collaborative tasks, leaving most of the deep focus work for home or designated concentration or contemplation spaces at work.

When employees are proud of their workplace, the destination becomes both a desire and joy to go to. Which in turn, enhances cross-collaboration and a sense of wellbeing within your workforce.

Well-being, wellness, and mindfulness are key components that will be threaded through the focus of your workplace for the future. Studies show that when your workplace is designed to support your employees wellbeing, your business future, and brand values, your employees feel like they are a part of something bigger. In turn, you might see employee inspiration and productivity start to rise.

Our team has put together a few things for you to consider for the future of your new workplace.

Look and feel

The look and feel of your space will have a strong wellbeing focus. By incorporating natural, real, and raw materials a sense of connection is created, supporting wellness and the environment. A strong focus on antimicrobial finishes may be blended with softer and natural tones of timbers, concretes, and soft furnishings that offer a sense of comfort.


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Comfort and sound

The overall comfort for employees will be a huge factor. What makes your workplace just as or more comfortable than their home? By creating zoned areas and incorporating cleaver acoustic elements we can address the noise issues related to re-entering the workspace.
Certain environments that cannot be achieved at home will become the focus. These may include lounge collaborative areas with tech support, high table layout spaces, the right lighting for your employee’s tasks, deep focus soundproof zoom rooms just to name a few.

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Home away from home

To encourage employees to make the commute, it’s important to bring all those comforts of home into the workplace. Whether it’s a kitchen that makes better coffee than their local café or a lounge that feels more comfortable than being at home, these spaces create an environment that is their home away from home.

The workplace becomes your work home. A place you want to be, where other like-minded people go, where employees can collaborate easily in the kitchen or hook their laptop into the lounge TV and run an open collaborative session.

It’s about ease, comfort, collaboration and celebration!

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Physical wellbeing spaces

It’s all about creating spaces for your team to relax in, whether that’s through recreation rooms, meditation spaces, yoga classes or mindfulness activities. Creating specific spaces that enhance the wellbeing of your employees will facilitate improved wellness. This shifts the focus from a place your employees have to come everyday, to a place they enjoy coming to everyday.

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Here at Concept, we specialize in designing workplaces that tick all these wellness boxes. We plan, consider, design concepts and complete your new space, leaving you with a destination workspace specific to your business needs and aspirations so that you have an engaged team in a people-powered workspace.

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