Are You Ready To Make a Statement?
Are You Ready To Make a Statement?

When you walk into an office, first impressions always count. Every workspace should aim to have something striking that catches the eye and accentuates the office culture.

Adding a statement piece to your office can be an effective and playful way to bring your business and brand personality to life. There are so many fun ways you can create a bold feature that fits your space, size, style, and budget. From a subtle object to a distinctive graphic, incorporating unique elements and statement pieces that demand attention and strike conversation will elevate your office to the next level.

Looking for a quick and easy way to rejuvenate your office with a statement piece? Here are our top ways to make that all-important first impression.

1. Engaging feature wall
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2. Bold Art
Concept Commercial Interiors Melbourne Office Fitouts
3. Pendant Lighting
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4. Tactile textures such as rugs or fabric features
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5. Vintage furniture
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6. Company history (photos, old branding logos, company evolution, timelines)
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Whether it’s adding a pop of colour on the wall, art to the space, or a standout furniture piece, these simple considerations can help incorporate your brand identity into the office in a seamless and cost-effective way.

Once you’ve chosen your statement pieces, it’s important to understand how to best display them and maximise their impact by setting boundaries for the surrounding elements. For example, if you place a standout piece of art in the reception area, opt for neutral furniture pieces that complement the art, so it doesn’t lose its impact.

Over-saturating a space with too many bold elements can detract the focus from your leading statement piece and make the space feel overwhelming. Distinguishing your dominant piece will allow people to appreciate the individual item and the brand message it conveys without being distracted or confused.

Adding a statement piece is a simple solution that personalizes an office and helps create a positive culture and a fun environment. So, what is your go-to object de jour for your office fit out?

Unsure about what item will make your brand personality shine? Get in touch with our team at, and we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

David O’keeffe
Interior Designer

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