2019 Design Style Insights
The workplace has been reimagined

Denfair and Saturday Indesign have come and gone. The latest trends are here, and we’re excited to share what we enjoyed and believe to be the future of workplace design.

The traditional workplace no longer runs 9-5, nor is it about offices with 4 walls, and a siloed environment where employees don’t know each other.

The workplace has been reimagined; it is now a haven, that efficiently supports all working styles, enhances collaboration and drives social behaviours, creating a space employee’s enjoy being.

We’ve identified five key design trends from the 2019 showcases. Here are our favourite ways that you can easily implement these insightful styles.

Experience driven spaces:
In Australia, we’re all about that work life balance. Studies show, that the average Australian works well beyond an average work week of 38 hours. Businesses are realising the importance of attracting and retaining hard working employees which is becoming more challenging in a competitive environment.

Experience driven spaces have a big influence within the workplace, we are seeing this theme develop more and more in 2019. Organisations are realising they need to create spaces for their teams to collaborate, relax and de-stress. The goal behind these experience driven spaces, which range from lounges and libraries, to meditation pods and rock climbing walls, is to prioritise how employees work without being distracted or becoming over stressed. This promotes a positive culture, lifts team morale and nurtures well-being and company culture, in turn helping to secure and retain top talent.

Biophilic design:
You don’t need to create a thriving office jungle, but just knowing the benefits of having greenery in your workspace is a step in the right direction. Indoor plants, fake plants and more natural light are directly linked to happier & healthier employees. These benefits create an environment people enjoy being in, with a culture that supports employees, which results in more productivity, less stress and higher retention.

In the past year, we have seen this become a necessary component of the modern office.

This one is so easy to implement! Our rule of (green) thumb, is 1 plant per square metre or 1 plant for every 3 employees.

Check out our previous blog about the benefits of biophilic design in the workplace here.

CCI Office Fitout plant wall

Pop of colour:
Light timbers and Scandi neutral colours are out. Strong contrast, bold, dark, bright colours are in.

This doesn’t mean the whole office needs to be a rainbow. We recommend blending neutral tones, with bright interchangeable pops of colour as this allows you to showcase certain elements of your environment. Vibrant colours can also capture and cleverly support your business personality and brand, allowing your workspace to be a direct representation of your company culture.

Organisations are beginning to implement fun use of colours, in an aim to move away from a corporate feel and promote a welcoming ‘non office’ impression.
CCI Office Fitout booths breakout

Luxury finishes and furniture:
Business’ are incorporating luxury finishes into their new workspaces. This instantly elevates their external perception by using luxury tactile elements such as velvet couches, beautiful armchairs, marble coffee tables and stone counter tops.

These textures and finishes don’t necessarily need to be expensive, but cleverly put together to elevate a space. Interiors which incorporate various textures and finishes create an impression on many of your senses and offer a beautiful timeless aspect.
CCI Office Fitout brown leather couch blue chairs

Brand Personality:
Gone are the days of generic lifeless offices with only a logo at the front reception. This has been replaced with an instant brand personality experience, noticed by everyone as soon as they enter your space.

It increases workplace culture and creates a sense of community within your business. These slight aesthetic updates can bring your brand to life. Try adding throw cushions in the colours of your brand, or a feature paint on the wall or kitchen cupboards. Rather than a blank wall, try adding a film of images that represent your business and culture e.g. Renault with an image of a zoomed in super car.

These are our Top 5 2019 workplace trends which create a more meaningful place to work. Best of all, these cost effective updates can be added instantly, and will boost team morale and create an environment employees are proud to work at.

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