Measurement for Success
You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so how do we keep on top of our client satisfaction here at Concept?

In 2019, Concept designed and built over 150 projects. From spec fit outs, end of trip facilities, and law firms to cafes, tech firms, and medical practices, we worked with clients across an array of industries to bring to life unique and inspiring spaces.

As CCI has grown, so have the number of projects we have seamlessly delivered. One of the most exciting aspects for us is not only seeing our designs come to life, but the satisfaction clients get when their project is completed.

We believe customer satisfaction is one of the most valuable measures of success for a business’s reputation and revenue. Not only is it the leading indicator of customer loyalty, but it also attracts new clients and differentiates a company from its competitors. Of course, you need a great product and competitive prices. Still, ultimately the experience surrounding the service you provide is what can make or break your relationship with current and future clients.
Concept Office Fitout booths breakout

In this ultra-connected digital world, positive publicity is crucial. A happy customer sharing their positive experience with their network, digitally or through traditional word of mouth referral will make you more recognizable in your ideal target group. With consistent customer satisfaction comes loyal clients – the most prized possession your business can have. Take care of your clients’ needs, and you will receive brand loyalty, brand trust, and increased profitability in return.

How do we keep on top of our client satisfaction here at Concept? By having a net referral score, we can gauge whether our clients are satisfied with the service they have received enough to refer the business in the future. At the end of every project, we, as a team, not only evaluate ourselves but also reach out to our clients. The only way to guarantee improvement is to get direct feedback from the people who are experiencing your service. As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Concept Office Fitout workstations

After discussions with 2019 clients, we can proudly say the team at Concept has outdone themselves, boasting a strong satisfaction rating of 9/10. No one is perfect, and there is still plenty of room for growth, but with a new year comes new goals and fresh incentives to strive for excellence in 2020.

We are beyond proud of our achievements and the feedback given by our clients. Take a look below for some insights:

I found Concept CI a pleasure to deal with. Their vision was fantastic, and they were extremely professional with a can-do attitude – their knowledge and skill are evident. The project was delivered on time and the outcome exceeded our expectations; visitors comment on how well the office presents.

Dale Forbes
Office Manager
KHQ Lawyers
Concept Commercial communication was excellent. We were kept up to date on the works and schedule, and any issues and queries were raised, and resolved, quickly. The project was effective managed by Concept Commercial, and the budget and schedule were met.

Catherine Stribley
Company Sectary

I couldn’t have asked for a better company to trust with our project, by the time we moved in, it was clean, ready to go and my team really felt right at home in no time. The communication and professionalism was up there with the best in the industry

Billy Latkas
General Manager – People and Organisation
Freshmax Group

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