It’s Easy Being Green
Three benefits of Biophilic design in the workplace

Ever considered adding plants into your workspace? This trend has become more and more popular since 2018, and we know it’s here to stay! With numerous studies proving the benefits plants have in the workplace we’ll show you just how easy it is to do and why you’d want to.

1) Reduce Stress
Studies show that viewing plants, whether it’s from outside the office window or in the office itself, real plants and even fake plants help to decrease individual stress levels by up to 30%. This helps lower staff retention because the proximity to nature helps create a positive mindset and calmness in the environment resulting in higher employment satisfaction.

2) Increased Health
Real plants help improve the air quality in their surroundings, absorbing pollutants and filtering toxins, harmful chemicals, microbes, mould, bacteria and spores. The clean air produced by plants aid in the overall physical health of your employees. Plants also add moisture and water vapour into the air and workspace environment, this provides good quality air, and in turn minimises sick days and enhances productivity levels.

3) Boost Concentration and Lower Noise
Having as little as one plant per square metre helps to boost focus and concentration by up to 20%. Plants also offer acoustic properties by absorbing noise in stems, leaves and branches providing a much quieter working environment. This boosts concentration and minimises background noise, chatter and phone calls, so you can concentrate and focus on what matters.

So, it really is beneficial to introduce plants and greenery in the office. Say goodbye to sick building and employee syndrome and hello to employees who are more engaged have higher satisfaction rates, lower stress levels and increased productivity levels!

Our rule of (green) thumb: 1 plant per square metre, or 1 plant for every 3 employees is all you need.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to implement them into your space.

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