5 Tips To Create a Contactless Workplace
5 Tips To Create a Contactless Workplace

As restrictions begin to ease, and communities cautiously recede back to normality, we need to prepare for one of the biggest transitions of all; from the kitchen table back into the workplace.

It’s time to start thinking about creating a COVID-safe environment for returning employees, by implementing new working patterns and design upgrades that put hygiene at the heart of the workplace. With the absence of a vaccine, businesses will need to adapt for employees to safely return to their desks.

Whether you are a returning employee, or in charge of planning for a new COVID-normal environment, we’ve put together a guide of easy solutions that will help support your return back to the office and above all, protect your team.

Here are our 5 top design additions that can be easily added into your existing workplace:

1) Automatic Taps

An automatic tap (also known as a hands-free tap, touchless faucet, electronic faucet or motion-sensing faucet) is a tap equipped with a proximity sensor and mechanism that opens its valve to allow water flow in response to hands in close proximity. It will then close its valve again when it no longer detects anything in its presence. Majority of automatic taps are battery powered and incorporate an active infrared sensor that detects hand motion.

2) Hand Sanitisation Dispensers

A ‘high end’ hand sanitisation station that is versatile and unique to your work environment is essential. Pump dispensers are great for short-term fixes, however with the heightened hygiene expectations here to stay, opting for a contactless mechanism that is more hygienic and kinder to the environment is worth investigating. Utilising sensor technology which dispenses straight into hands, makes sanitisation simple and avoids unnecessary touching of surfaces.

3) Screen Dividers

Clear glass or plastic screen dividers can help reduce the spread of the virus, while allowing employees to maintain visual and social connection, a crucial necessity for productivity, support and collaboration.

4) Smart Appliances

With technology and app development accelerating at phenomenal rates, smart appliances are becoming a popular choice in commercial businesses. With ability to control appliances such as lighting or elevator buttons from the palm of your hands, via smartphones, employees can avoid heavily touched surfaces such as light switches or elevator buttons. This helps reduce the spread of germs and allows people to safely enter and exit the workplace.

5) Automatic Doors

From revolving doors to sliding or swing doors, the options for automatic doors are endless. Whatever the size or budget, automatic doors are a versatile feature that can seamlessly work into your office design to create a contactless entrance.

So, are you ready to upgrade your office to a COVID-safe environment? With these simples and cost-effective additions, you’ll be on your way to achieving a safer more enjoyable office that is prepared for the future.

Chat to one of our project coordinators about how we can quickly, efficiently and seamlessly implement these options into your new or existing workplace.

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