4 Steps to Choosing The Perfect Fitout Partner
Finding the right fitout company is no easy feat; and making the wrong decision could significantly impact your business and workplace.

It’s important you choose the right partner to suit your team, company and business objectives. But with so many companies to choose from how do you find your perfect match?

To help you make the right decision we’ve outlined four key steps to consider before making your final choice.

1) Design and Build vs. Design and Construct

Know what you’re looking for from the beginning. Do you want an outsourced design and separate construction company, or would you prefer your project handled by one company, from concept to completion?

The Design and Construct model combines multiple businesses together to complete your fitout project which restricts the communication between designers and builders, and you’re at risk of going above the allocated budget.

When relying on third party builders, you are dependent on their schedules with no fixed project completion date, in addition you won’t know who is working on your premises and you don’t have the same level of quality control. Often the Design and Construct model adds additional fees, as you are working with various businesses, each adding their own overheads and margins, increasing the risk of the project running over budget.

The Design and Build model is an integrated approach, in which the designers and builders work together from the very beginning, allowing for open communication, and the design to be completed in the most efficient and logistical way.

If you’re worried about design quality, don’t be. Design and build firms have the same experienced interior architects you’d find at any design firm, often with a better understanding of practical design principles for the commercial workplace. As opposed to third-party builders, in-house trades can ensure reliability, flexibility and project quality control, as well as fixed completion dates. Another benefit of the Design and Build model; your project is completed by just one company, with your own designated Project Manager ensuring one point of communication and guaranteeing a seamless fitout experience.

Design & Build VS Design & Construct

2) Budget

When choosing your fitout company, a conversation about budget in imperative. Some fitout companies offer a fixed price based on your requirements, with no hidden fees at the end. While other companies offer a preliminary low-cost budget, with extra costs and variations billed at the end of the project, blowing out your intended spend.

When discussing your budget, have a specific figure in mind, and ensure the price is either fixed, or you fully understand any additional costs for your particular project’s construction. Ensure discussions are had about variations, or unexpected construction situations arising that could increase the budget, and make sure you have the contingency in place to handle this.

3) Design

Design is a critical element of your fitout project. Your new workspace should be designed with your business objectives, culture and employees in mind.

Always ask what type of discovery sessions your preferred suppliers offer to best support you in your design brief. Do they take the time to get to know your business, culture, and branding, and do they offer workplace strategy session options?

Workplace strategy sessions consult employees from throughout the business in workshops and surveys to better understand their needs. The resulting design incorporates this feedback, increasing productivity, profitability and staff engagement in your new fitout.

A key aspect of an exceptional fitout company is in their discovery session, how much they want to learn more about your company, team, branding, and your future plans, which will lead to the best possible design for your business. Being able to capture all logistical requirements is necessary in the design phase but being able to meet the needs and requirements on a strategic, operational and cultural level is also essential for the future success of your business.


4) Check their Credibility

Once you have narrowed down your top three choices, it is essential to check their past work projects, based on size, cost and references. When you are entrusting your new office re-design and construction to a company, it is crucial they meet all your requirements and have industry credibility.

Some questions to ask:

• Do they show their completed projects online?
• Are there a lot of completed projects on their list?
• What have their past clients said about them online?
• Do they have written references and testimonials you can view?

Ensure you follow these 4 steps when choosing the right fitout for you and your business and you’ll be rewarded for years to come. If you need some help with your next fitout, check out our credentials, or our latest projects here.

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