Ultra Violette’s new headquarters brilliantly showcases how a brand’s bold and unique identity can be seamlessly transformed into a physical space. Concept is proud to have brought their vibrant vision to life, resulting in a stunning three-level fitout that embodies the brand’s playful spirit and provides a functional workspace for this dynamic company to flourish.

Ultra Violette, co-founded by Ava Matthews and Bec Jefferd, is a sunscreen and skincare powerhouse renowned for its energetic branding and innovative SPF products, instantly recognisable by their bright blue and neon packaging and fresh brand persona. Concept was entrusted with transforming a blank canvas new development on Melbourne’s city fringe into a workspace that mirrors this lively spirit.

The headquarters is thoughtfully arranged across three distinct yet interconnected levels, each tailored to specific functions while maintaining a cohesive design language. The ground floor includes a spacious boardroom, end-of-trip facilities, and quiet rooms, with meeting rooms named after key UV filters featuring in Ultra Violette’s products, creating a tangible connection to the brand’s core.

The middle floor serves as a collaborative hub, featuring a kitchenette and community space designed to foster informal interactions and camaraderie among team members. Custom joinery in vibrant purple and neon pink are meticulously matched to the brand’s packaging, an important detail championed by Matthews and design collaborator Steph Robertson of State Of Play.

On the top floor, workstations and a shared office for the founders come to life with feature bright carpets and colour-shifting dichroic glass, further incorporating Ultra Violette’s sparkling character into the workspace.

A striking staircase, rendered in Ultra Violette’s signature Yves Klein Blue, anchors the design and guides users throughout the space. This bold statement piece immediately signals the brand’s presence and sets the tone for the entire office.

Balanced by white walls and natural timber flooring, Ultra Violette have added further bursts of color and energy with framed campaign images and feature furniture from colourful Australian designer Dowel Jones.

Ultra Violette’s headquarters is a vibrant embodiment of the brand’s identity. Concept’s delivery expertise in bringing Ultra Violette’s design vision to life has resulted in a space that meets functional needs while inspiring and energising its occupants. This fitout stands as a testament to how a clear and bold brand vision, skillfully executed, can create a unique and highly effective workspace, supporting the brand’s continued growth and success.


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