A high-energy, ambitious team deserves a workspace which is similarly as vibrant and agile.

Digital disruptor Ferocia’s office space in the iconic banking chambers of 271 Collins has been transformed to reflect the innovative and dynamic nature of their business. With a creative use of colour and a considered approach to spatial design and sustainability, this transformation achieves an impactful celebration of the old and the new which is both bold and beautiful.

Drawing inspiration from Ferocia’s pioneering ingenuity, this design embodies an agile and innovative spirit. The bold colour palette is brought to life by cutting-edge materials playfully harmonising with repurposed furniture and materials.

Translating the brand’s ethos of fun, inclusivity and non-hierarchical collaboration, the design for Ferocia harnesses transparency through an open plan approach with clear lines of sight.

A standout feature of this Melbourne office fitout is the prolific use of hypnotic high impact 3M™ DICHROIC Glass Finish glazing on all internal windows, elevating meeting and zoom rooms to futurific. The way the glazing changes based on your position to it creates an immersive experience offering shifts in outlook encouraging new avenues of perspective.

Even the random pattern acoustic ceiling tiles have been thoughtfully innovated, creating interest in an element often overlooked in modern workspaces.

Defining elements of angular neon light, sculptural pendants and floating bulkhead lighting cleverly mimic the shapes of the collaboration zones, creating islands of creativity amidst the river of polished concrete, ushering people through the space.

Opportunities abound to celebrate diverse working styles through the carefully curated working zones. From the concentration zones to the collaboration spaces, zoom rooms to the board room, onsite gym to breakout areas, there is a space for everyone to work at their best.

Ferocia’s space is a testament to their innovative and confident approach. It’s a space that not only inspires creativity but also fosters a sense of community, collaboration, and wellbeing.

So how does everything work?
Our process is just three simple steps.



We will take the time to understand your business, then evaluate your space and site specifications.



Our design team and strategy experts will collaborate with you to create concepts and designs that not only look great but support your team’s vision



Our in-house trades work closely with our interior designers to ensure your designs are delivered as you imagined them.

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