We have long extolled the advantages of a well-planned spec suite fitout. Tenants seek a hassle-free turnkey solution, and the spec suites crafted by Concept for Fidinam exemplify this, with all spaces currently leased.

Concept were briefed to fit out level one of the Dominion building in the heart of the legal district with timeless spec suites for multiple tenancies. This encompassed the whole level, including 4 tenancies, restroom facilities, and the lift landing.

Upon entering level one, visitors to the space are greeted by NYC-style glasshouse walls lined with draperies for privacy. A perforated plaster ceiling with can lights lead the way from the elevator entrance, with deco moulding and a dado line paying homage to rich historical character throughout the building.

The strategic layout of the tenancies maximises available square footage, creating a harmonious blend of spaces. A thoughtfully chosen and complementary colour palette enhances flexibility, allowing prospective tenants to seamlessly occupy multiple suites as needed.

Each tenancy is a haven of functionality and aesthetics, featuring a well-equipped kitchen with the latest appliances, an acoustically designed boardroom, workstations, and concentration zones. This tailored approach ensures legal professionals find the privacy and focus they require within these meticulously crafted workspaces.

The result? Beautiful, functional spaces in which the tenants can thrive.

So how does everything work?
Our process is just three simple steps.



We will take the time to understand your business, then evaluate your space and site specifications.



Our design team and strategy experts will collaborate with you to create concepts and designs that not only look great but support your team’s vision



Our in-house trades work closely with our interior designers to ensure your designs are delivered as you imagined them.

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