Clarity Health Care teamed up with Concept to design and build their new boutique mental health clinic in the vibrant Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. Specialising in providing an alternative to traditional hospital settings, Clarity’s dedicated team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, mental health social workers, and registered nurses. They sought a space that maximised the number of consultation rooms while creating a warm, calming atmosphere where clients feel safe and comfortable.

Concept transformed this vision into a reality by converting the ground and first floors of a repurposed warehouse into a functional and inviting clinic. Our design emphasized a residential, architectural feel, moving away from the typical sterile health environment. Warm timbers and green elements were used throughout to reflect Clarity’s branding, creating a welcoming and tranquil space.

We optimised the layout to create approximately 15 consultation rooms plus a group therapy space, each benefiting from ample natural light. Acoustic treatments were integrated to ensure complete privacy, a crucial aspect for a mental health clinic. Angle-bladed feature screens added an architectural element while enhancing privacy.

The reception area, the first point of contact, features a contemporary slatted timber desk by Krost, providing a modern touch and contributing to the warm, inviting entry space. The consultation rooms feature terracotta tones, adding an earthy, calming effect, complemented by terrazzo elements and salmon carpets by Airlay.

Furniture selections include moments of black to provide grounding and contrast within the warm, light-filled spaces. Green joinery elements are integrated throughout the clinic, reinforcing the branding and adding a fresh, vibrant touch. Strategic lighting enhances the overall ambiance, ensuring the space feels both functional and calming.

We are thrilled with our collaboration with Clarity Health Care and delighted to have been a part of creating a space that aligns with their mission. The new clinic successfully balances the need for numerous consultation rooms with a design that fosters comfort, privacy, and tranquility.

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