Five Tips for Inspiring Medical Design
Five Tips for Inspiring Medical Design

Have you ever walked into your local GP or Dr’s surgery room and felt uncomfortable? Or tried a new medical clinic and straight away you knew you wouldn’t be returning?

At Concept we understand the importance of creating an outstanding commercial fitout, which even applies to medical fitouts. We’re well versed with the latest medical design trends focused on warm, inviting, experience driven spaces.

It’s important to choose a fitout company that not only knows how to design an aesthetically welcoming space, but also one that is up to date with changing laws, regulations, compliances, certifications, hygiene and medical practices.

Here are our top 5 medical fitout tips, to create a medical space, patients will want to return to.

1) Design for safety
It is important to discuss this and apply it in any medical health practice. When you open your doors, you welcome patients of any age, disability and potential mental illness into your practice and need to design accordingly.

For example, you should invest in heavy set furniture, items that won’t topple over when children are playing, or that could be picked up and thrown across the room during an episode.
Another aspect to consider is not having furniture in waiting rooms or clinics with sharp edges as we need to be mindful of little ones who are active and like to climb.

2) Create a kid’s spot
Hospitals and health clinics are never the most comforting place to be, especially for children. A dedicated space for children is exceptionally handy to keep them occupied and take the ease off parents and caretakers. This can be a small corner in the waiting room, with appropriately sized chairs and tables with tablets, and games, or a small playroom just for kids. Whatever the space you have dedicated, parents and care givers will appreciate the distraction.

3) Experience driven spaces
The waiting room should no longer be a bland reception with chairs lined up in rows and a pile of old magazines in the corner, and a consultation room is no longer a sterile space with a Doctors desk, two chairs and medical posters on the wall. Experience driven spaces in a medical practice could be a library, or breakout area with tea and coffee. The waiting room could represent a comfortable home, with plush couches, pendant lights and modern timber flooring to create a warm and inviting space.

4) Biophilic Design
Biophilic design is THE 2019 commercial design trend and can easily be applied to a medical fitout. There are many benefits, including improvements to the overall productivity and calmness of employees and patients alike. There has been substantial research that biophilic design has substantial healing benefits to patients, as nature helps aid the body’s healing process.

When designing a waiting room or doctors consultation rooms, place small plants on the desks, and larger plants around the room, ensure they have access to natural light.

5) Proper amenities for staff
Doctors, nurses, health attendants and rehab support teams all need a place to unwind during their breaks. The majority of staff break spaces are a small room with four walls, a table, microwave and kitchenette. In order for our teams to perform at their best their needs should be considered along with their patients. Staff are your number one investment, so create a safe and comfortable space for them to unwind, relax and connect with each other before their next patient!

When considering medical fitout design functionality, equipment and strict medical regulations must be abided, but you can still create a standout practice. Follow these design tips and you will have a functional and welcoming medical clinic that will inspire your patients and team.


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