2020 Design Predictions
A new decade is almost upon us. As we gear up for 2020, we’ve been exploring the next era of workplace design trends.

So, what can we expect to see in the next generation of office design, and how will it impact the way people work? We’ve identified our top 3 trend prediction for commercial workspaces, across every industry, for 2020.

1) Biophilic Design

The biophilic design trend has taken off in the last five years, and with more research being conducted, outlining the multiple benefits of biophilic design in the office, we are happy to say it is here to stay.

Since 2018 we have had requests for wall gardens, planter boxes, ivy walls, and plants in most offices we have designed. We predict 2020 will see the biophilic design trend being taken up a notch.

There will be more elaborate garden walls, hanging plants around the office, outdoor gardens (if space permits), natural materials, and more biophilic themed wallpaper, e.g., greenery, jungle-themed, as well as less walls blocking the natural light. The trend increases visual connections with nature, natural light, and the outside world to promote overall health, calmness, and productivity, leading to health benefits and increased employee satisfaction.
Concept commercial interiors Office Fitout plant wall

2) Experience-driven spaces

Experience-driven spaces have become more mainstream in the last three to five years, but tech giants like Google were well ahead of the curve and recognised that company perks and employee engagement, led to increased productivity and satisfaction. In the past, creating experience-driven spaces was considered a business investment deemed only attainable to large Silicon Valley tech corporations. However, in 2020, we will start seeing more small, medium, and large businesses adopting this trend.

You might not see a small accounting company do experience-driven spaces like Google with an indoor slide, rock-climbing walls, or an office gym. Instead, you might find a small meditation room, ping pong table, meeting rooms with VR game systems, a small café in reception to welcome clients in, or even a monthly massage angel.

Experience-driven spaces don’t always have to be inside the office; if your office location is central to other amenities, invest in your team members’ health with something that promotes work-life balance, such as a weekly yoga class, giving your team the chance to relax and recompose.
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3) More accessible technology

As we are move into a faster and more efficient workforce, how we physically work is changing dramatically. Technology is changing how we work and the available jobs. Relevant jobs from the 1990s and 2000s may not even exist in a few years, and jobs we’ve never considered may lead the workforce in a decade.

So, how do we cater for this, and what do we have to implement in the office to keep up with the increasing pace of business. For example, if your company has teams interstate or overseas, you need to have the available capabilities to quickly and efficiently connect staff to those outside your direct office. If the right technology solutions are not in place, your team members can become frustrated and decrease productivity, as they are spending too much time on setting up equipment that is already out of date and not easily compatible.

In this era, it’s all about fast connectivity, efficiency, and providing the latest tech to create a smarter, efficient office. It also reflects how clients will perceive you as a business. If your office offers outdated technology, can your clients trust you as the leading company in your industry, or better than your competitors?
Concept commercial interiors Office Fitout computers

In 2020, we will see an increased reliance on technologies in certain parts of the office, and various areas with absent technology, to promote disconnectivity and work-life balance.

Areas of additional connected offices:
• Tablet outside every meeting room to show the bookings
• Connected Tv to conferences
• VR headset rooms
• Voice-activated PA for the company
• Team online portal on your mobile device to book, arrange and communicate
• No need for a swipe card, you can unlock doors with phones, or a self-recognition with the company database.

These changes aren’t new, but we will see it become more apparent and noticeable to all industries big and small, not just for the companies with additional cash flow. And we are excited to see where 2020 will take us!

Want to know more? Our top design trends for 2020 include
• A rise in sustainable design materials
• Trend colours: mint, dusty blue, honey yellows, and cantaloupe colours.
• More locally sourced and handcrafted décor, with offices investing in quality furniture.
• Softer fabric and furniture options, with more delicate prints and textures.
• Making the office feel more homely, with wellness rooms, game rooms, work cafes and more residential kitchens
• Accent walls, or feature walls with accent wallpaper

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