R U OK Day 2023

The Concept team came together last week to open the conversation about the importance of mental health in the workplace, and how to look out for ourselves and each other. R U OK Day is a great reminder to live our values and remember to look after the people behind our people-powered workspaces.

Mental health can awkward conversation, but it is a necessary one.

Just a snippet of the stats covered in our session:

Mental Health in the workplace:

  • 91% employees believe workplace mental health is important.
  • But only 52% believe theirs is healthy.
  • ROI to business of $2.30 for every $1 spent on workplace wellbeing.
  • 50% employee’s reason for leaving; in a well workplace – 60% reason for feeling committed.
  • 35% want privacy around a condition.
  • Real Estate/Construction & Hospitality industry have a higher representation of Mental Health issues, also first responders.

For some great resources, check out the R U OK website here: How to ask “Are you OK?” | R U OK?


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