In the ever-evolving landscape of modern work, the demand for flexible and collaborative environments has never been higher or more competitive.  Paddock Offices epitomizes this ethos -a dynamic co-working space combining functionality, vibrancy, and a warm welcome for all who enter.  Concept are thrilled to have designed and built the first Paddock Offices in Melbourne.

Embracing openness. 

The project brief called for a self-contained co-working space with a range of amenities to accommodate different working modes. From the moment you step into the reception area, you’re greeted with a vibrant color-blocking design that immediately sets the tone for a playful and inspiring workspace. The strategic use of paint colors and fabrics, feature flooring, and lighting throughout the space creates distinct zones and a visually captivating atmosphere. 

The focus was on creating spacious suites to prevent any sense of confinement. Moreover, the inclusion of stone tops and brass finishes brings an element of sophistication, and the use of reeded glass film ensures privacy without compromising on natural light. Floor-to-ceiling windows fill the area with daylight all day long, while curved glass walls and numerous plants throughout the space maintain the sense of openness, even at the building’s core. 

Catering for all working styles. 

A highlight of Paddock Melbourne is the extensive thought given to collaboration and community spaces. The space offers a variety of shared and reservable areas, including townhall spaces, meeting rooms, a podcast studio and hot-desking areas to encourage interaction, innovation, and the exchange of ideas among colleagues and coworkers. 

The incorporation of quiet rooms, booths, and contemplation areas recognises the importance of concentration and focused work. The versatility of the space allows individuals to seamlessly transition between collaborative tasks and tasks that require solitude and introspection. 

Elegance meets functionality. 

By embracing best-in-breed technology, Paddock ensures a seamless experience for users. The latest video conferencing and audio equipment enable a smooth meeting, whether you’re speaking to someone across the room or across the world. 

And let’s not forget the stylish end-of-trip facilities. With checkerboard flooring and reeded glass film giving a nod to art deco design, guests can enjoy brand new facilities with a vintage feel. Paddock Offices Melbourne sets a new benchmark in vibrant, versatile, and productive co-work space which inspires individuals and businesses to reach their fullest potential. 

So how does everything work?
Our process is just three simple steps.



We will take the time to understand your business, then evaluate your space and site specifications.



Our design team and strategy experts will collaborate with you to create concepts and designs that not only look great but support your team’s vision



Our in-house trades work closely with our interior designers to ensure your designs are delivered as you imagined them.

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