Gro Clinics has crafted an environment of exceptional comfort and sophistication, catering to individuals seeking effective solutions for hair rejuvenation or combatting hair loss. Concept have been lucky enough to create multiple Gro Clinics locations over the years, and it’s always exciting to see their brand come to life. Check out their new space in Woolloomooloo.

The interior design unfolds with walls adorned in a deep, brand-consistent blue, creating a captivating backdrop. This is harmoniously complemented by the presence of timber elements and tan boucle seating, imbuing the space with a sense of warmth and contrast. Beyond aesthetics, the layout ensures utmost privacy and impeccable hygiene standards, while the graceful curves throughout the design contribute an element of tasteful refinement—a feature that Concept takes immense pride in.

Central to the ambience is the use of warm timber, imparting a feeling of serenity. Notably, the wooden panels’ configuration cleverly mirrors the concept of hair growth inherent in the clinic’s mission, offering a visual representation akin to sprouts emerging seamlessly from the flooring. This feature vividly encapsulates the spirit of rejuvenation embodied by Gro Clinics.

So how does everything work?
Our process is just three simple steps.



We will take the time to understand your business, then evaluate your space and site specifications.



Our design team and strategy experts will collaborate with you to create concepts and designs that not only look great but support your team’s vision



Our in-house trades work closely with our interior designers to ensure your designs are delivered as you imagined them.

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