At Concept, our mission is to create workspaces that inspire and energise. This project with Fletchers Real Estate was a complete refresh, designed to bring fluidity and cohesion to their new office space. Located next door to their original site, this new office required a seamless integration of storage, offices, and communal areas.

To foster a positive and invigorating workplace culture, Concept designers developed a strategic layout that positioned teams in specific areas to maximise collaboration and efficiency. This thoughtful placement of teams aimed to enhance interaction while providing quiet rooms and meeting spaces for focused work.

A standout feature of the design is the front-of-house area, where we raised the ceiling and combined it with a curved half-wall reception desk and floor-to-ceiling windows. This created a sense of openness and grandeur, welcoming visitors into the space. The use of New York-style glazing with fluted glass and extra strapping created an industrial vibe, adding sophistication, privacy, and allowing natural light to fill the office.

The colour scheme was carefully selected to be fresh, light, and warm, with accents of deep green-blue to tie in with Fletchers’ branding. This palette created a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, aligning perfectly with their brand identity and team culture.

Vinyl flooring was used to create a journey pathway, guiding employees and visitors naturally through the office. Light carpet added warmth and comfort, while a dominant blue wall served as a focal point.

In the kitchen, our designers selected Polytec White Cement benchtops for a clean, modern look. Terrazzo on the dining tables added a stylish and durable element to communal areas, while Kit Kat tiles provided texture and interest along the splashback.

Feature lighting was placed to highlight important areas, anchoring the dining space as well as the waiting area at reception.

To accommodate the storage needs of the Fletchers team, Concept implemented custom storage solutions throughout the space. An example is the custom cabinetry leading into the kitchen, with the wall behind the cabinetry painted to match the Polytec colour, drawing the eye up and emphasizing the ceiling height. Timber slatted feature walls added warmth and continuity, with more curves in the cabinetry enhancing the cohesive design.

The hallway ceiling height was extended, raising the ceiling to emphasize the grandeur of the curved walls encasing the meeting rooms, adding a sense of elegance and spaciousness to the corridors.

The Fletchers Real Estate office fitout has resulted in a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our strategic placement of teams, thoughtful selection of materials, and attention to detail have resulted in an invigorating workplace that fosters a positive culture and enhances productivity. The Fletchers team can now enjoy a refreshed office environment that not only meets their current needs but is also adaptable for future growth and changes.

Concept are proud to have been part of this transformation, working closely with Fletchers Real Estate to deliver a workspace that truly reflects their brand and vision.

So how does everything work?
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