Curae stands as a prominent figure in the Australian dental services landscape, focusing on three pivotal disciplines: custom-made prostheses, dental radiology, and advanced dental technology solutions. Always at the forefront of innovation, Curae is deeply committed to delivering top-tier patient care. That’s why they decided it was time to revamp their workspace to better serve both their hardworking staff and their valued clients.

They partnered up with Concept to create a fresh, state-of-the-art dental laboratory HQ that would cater perfectly to their team’s needs and streamline their workflow.

Curae’s vision was clear: harness natural light to its fullest potential, create a space where multiple disciplines could seamlessly collaborate, and elevate experiences for both employees and clients.

To realise this vision, Concept’s design team meticulously examined Curae’s specialised equipment needs from the project’s inception. This proactive approach ensured that everything from power and suction to the choice of materials was carefully considered and integrated into the initial design phases.

The project’s standout features include custom acoustic treatments in key areas like milling and plaster rooms, bespoke joinery and workstations tailored to specific user requirements, and a layout optimised to celebrate natural light, maximising the impact of expansive windows while supplementing with task lighting to ensure functionality across all areas.

Together, Curae and Concept have set a new standard, proving that when innovation meets dedication, remarkable things happen.

So how does everything work?
Our process is just three simple steps.



We will take the time to understand your business, then evaluate your space and site specifications.



Our design team and strategy experts will collaborate with you to create concepts and designs that not only look great but support your team’s vision



Our in-house trades work closely with our interior designers to ensure your designs are delivered as you imagined them.

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